About me

I’m a user-experience junkie with a fascination for development and product experimentation. I’ve been hacking on web3 protocols for the last few years after several startup companies focusing on product and marketing analytics. With a finance background, I’ve transitioned to focusing on business and customer problems via technical solutions, usually automation.

While at Iowa State, I led several teams across dining and impacted the team member training with extensive documentation. As a part of the finance program and entrepreneurship club I was invited to participate in the Okoboji Entrepreneurial Institute, a week-long hands-on workshop + networking. As a part of the competition at OEI, my team set several quarterly sales and cashflow deficit records.

While at Branded, I led the product team to deliver on both customer and user goals. During my tenure, we facilitated the brand’s merger and re-launch, nearly doubled revenue annually, and measurably increased retention in a notoriously difficult to retain industry. Clients regularly engaged Branded for more difficult targeting studies, while reconciling as an industry how to provide consistently quality data.

Within the Maker community, I helped kick-off notes for the governance meetings, the Awesome MakerDAO list, and contributed to early iterations of the community development portal. During this time I transitioned my focus from product and marketing to development and technical product management. At EthDenver in 2019, I got to hack on PoolTogether and build out my first prototype web3 frontend.

Since then I’ve been diving down the rabbit hole learning as much as I can pick up. Building out the frontend with DAOhaus has been an amazing experience collaborating with a ton of talented individuals. As a Wizard (blockchain developer) in RaidGuild, I’ve had several opportunities to mentor and receive mentorship which is very empowering within a flat organization.

Stick around and let’s discover web3 together.