The Most Caffienated DAO

With “Hot DAO Summer” rapidly closing, I felt compelled to write about one of my favorite organization’s possible path to becoming a decentralized super saiyan version of itself.


Shake Light - Tasker

When you're in a pinch for some light, going through menus is annoying. Get Tasker to turn on your flashlight with a quick flick. Difficulty: 1


SXSW 2018 – First South By

SXSW18 came and went in a flash. It was a whirlwind of excitement, interest, and anticipation. There were many many lines. I’m beyond excited to attend again next year and expect to be much better prepared. This year many new technologies are gathering steam including Virtual Reality, Machine Learning, Cannabis, and — of course — Blockchain.


Oh the Places We'll Go - Philippines 2018

When Nick and Amanda mentioned going to Southeast Asia last year they were considering Vietnam initially. I wasn’t as concerned with where but was on board almost immediately to make a trip to the other side of this hunk of rock.